Download Notification Plugin

Notification Plugin helps an operator to pay attention to the most important events. The plugin generates notifications based on events according to specified rules and displays them in the notification panel that appears on the right side of the web page. In addition, the plugin turns on an audible alert depending on the notification type.

Download the plugin for Rapid SCADA 6.x
Download the plugin for Rapid SCADA 5.x


Plugin Pricing

Application Area Price
Any US $90

How to Buy

  1. Download the plugin. Try it and make sure it is what you need.
  2. Send us the computer code displayed on the plugin configuration page using this form.
  3. Pay an invoice that will be sent to your e-mail. A key for the plugin will be sent to you within 24 hours after the payment.
  4. Enter the received key in the appropriate field on the plugin configuration page.