What is Rapid SCADA

Rapid SCADA is an open source industrial automation platform. The out of the box software provides tools for rapid creation of monitoring and control systems. In case of large implementation, Rapid SCADA is used as a core for development of custom SCADA and MES solutions for a Customer.

Open source is the key to software transparency and security. The licensing model permits creation of new derivative software products.

Rapid SCADA is a perfect choice for creating large distributed industrial automation systems. Rapid SCADA runs on servers, embedded computers and in the cloud. Rapid SCADA nodes exchange information between themselves, and interact with external databases in real time.

The main classes of systems developed using Rapid SCADA are the following:

  • Industrial automation systems and IIoT systems.
  • Process control systems.
  • Energy accounting systems.

Project Organization

The Rapid SCADA business model is based on providing quality services based on the open source software. Our company specializes in developing custom solutions powered by the Rapid SCADA platform and technical support for Rapid SCADA implementations.

Rapid SCADA Standard is provided free of charge. Using Rapid SCADA Standard, you can create SCADA systems with no limitations on the number of data points and no expiration date. Additional software modules, purchased optionally, extend the standard features. The commercial edition, named Rapid SCADA Enterprise, includes all software modules developed by our team.

The community, includes developers and engineers, is an integral part of the Rapid SCADA project. Community members develop new software modules, discuss best practices of implementation, and help newcomers.

Why Rapid SCADA

Benefits for End Users

  • Unlimited number of data points for free. No time limits.
  • System performance for your pleasure.
  • Proven reliability of many years of experience.
  • Web access.
  • Easy to learn, video lessons available.
  • Efficient technical support.

Benefits for Integrators

  • Deliver cost effective solutions based on the powerful software.
  • Save your time during the implementation phase with detailed logs.
  • Get qualified support and consulting services.

Benefits for Developers

  • Extend the software for your needs. It is open source.
  • Make integrated solutions that contain your hardware and Rapid SCADA.
  • Embed your logos in Rapid SCADA.
  • Minimize your costs. Focus on your goals.

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