Technical Support

The goal of technical support is giving quick answers according to customer’s questions and issues. Technical support service assures a customer that all the customer requests will be accomplished on time. There are two main tiers of Rapid SCADA technical support: Free Support and Extended Support.

Extended Support Options

In comparison with Free Support available on the forum only, Extended Support provides much more options:

  • High priority of requests maintenance.
  • Guaranteed response within 48 hours.
  • 2 authorized support contacts assigned to get the support.
  • E-mail support.
  • Phone support.
  • Customer configuration and logs analysis.
  • Free license for the proprietary modules for the period of support.
  • One hour of remote troubleshooting is included.

Extended Support is strongly recommended if the industrial system of the customer has to work in 24×7 mode and the cost of a downtime is highly valued. Requests of Extended Support subscribers are processed in the first place. Only when they are completed, Free Support is provided. While guaranteed response time is 48 hours, the average response time is 4 hours during working hours. In case of emergency situation, call us and we will try to help as soon as possible.

There are two types of extended support:

  1. Extended support for end-users. It means that system administrators of an automated object are turning directly to Rapid SCADA support service. The 1st type of support is optimal if the system configuration was developed by Rapid SCADA.
  2. Extended support for integrators. In case of choosing this type of support, end-users contact an integrator which delivered the solution, then the integrator ask for Rapid SCADA support, if additional expertise is needed.

The terms of support may be adjusted individually.

 Extended Support Pricing

Duration Price
6 months US $210
12 months US $360

Purchase Extended Support

  1. Read and accept terms of Extended Support.
  2. Send us a request using the form.
  3. Pay a PayPal invoice that will be sent to your e-mail.
  4. Start the use of Extended Support.