Training and Consulting

Training promptly helps specialists of a customer to start configuring Rapid SCADA and setup data exchange with devices. Comparing with the self-studying the training allows to reach better understanding how Rapid SCADA works and how accomplish a task by the easiest way. The training is online, we use a remote connection to a trainee’s computer. Required training software and hardware are preliminary agreed with the customer.

Consulting service allows to find the most efficient decision how to fit your business needs. It is especially useful in design project phase when the automated system architecture is considered. Consulting is not the same as technical support. The difference is that consulting is aimed to create an approach of the use of Rapid SCADA while technical support resolves issues appear in the software operation. Consulting is available by phone, skype and e-mail.

Benefits of Training and Consulting

  • Training saves time and money for your company – after successful training completion your engineers are ready to deploy systems based on Rapid SCADA.
  • Consulting significantly saves your company money because of choosing the most efficient solution based on Rapid SCADA.
  • Training and consulting improve the understanding of Rapid SCADA features.
  • You can get knowledge of experts which develop Rapid SCADA.

Pricing and Purchasing of Training and Consulting

Training and consulting are paid depending on the duration of the service. Use the following sequence to get the price offer and purchase the service:

  1. Fill and submit the request form.
  2. Confirm the price and the service conditions proposed by Rapid SCADA.
  3. Make a payment according to the invoice.
  4. Get the service.