There are some of the projects that have been implemented by our company, our partners and the user community. If you developed an interesting and beautiful project using Rapid SCADA, and you would like to publish information about it in this page, please email us at

Diesel Gensets Monitoring System

The monitoring system of the diesel generator set covers several dozen gensets located in Moldova.
Each genset produced by ENERGY is controlled by ComAp InteliLite NT AMF 25. The home page of Rapid SCADA is implemented as an interactive map, which allows an operator to monitor the state of the entire system and quickly navigate to detailing of a desired location. The developed reports display amount of run hours and number of engine starts per period. Configuration of Rapid SCADA is created by our company, while the whole project is maintained by BASS Systems SRL.


Monitoring Diesel Gensets of Oilfield Energy System

The system includes Caterpillar diesel gensets, equipped with DSE8610 controllers. The software, provided by the controllers manufacturer, displays only current state of gensets and doesn't implement history database. Rapid SCADA was chosen by the Customer, because Rapid SCADA allows to effectively collect, store, control and analyze genset parameters. DSE8610 controllers support Modbus TCP communication protocol that helps to easily integrate them with SCADA software.


Environment Protection

The environmental protection project implements the control of the technological process of the landfill located in the US. The water from rain is pumped off the bottom of the dump and flows through local sewage treatment facilities to remove petroleum products and other contaminants. The top is drilled into and methane gas is collected and burned off or used to create steam and energy.

Rapid SCADA monitors the status of pumping equipment, calculates the fluid flow rate and the time before the tanks overflow. The personnel of the facility are promptly receive alarm notifications via email and Telegram. Rapid SCADA is configured by our company remotely.


Pressure Monitoring System

The system monitors pressure and temperature of oil products on an oil tank farm. More than 50 segments of the pipeline are under control. Pressure is visualized by Rapid SCADA with different colors that makes schemes convenient for operator. In case of exceeding the permissible values the system displays warnings. The project is implemented by Rapid SCADA company.


City Heat Consumption Monitoring System

Information about heat energy consumption of apartment buildings in Yekaterinburg city is shown in graphic form on Yandex.Maps. The system is a successful example of expanding possibilities of Rapid SCADA due to the integration with specially designed software modules. The system covers more than 300 apartment buildings. The author of this project is Alexey Pastukhov.