Download Open Source Software

Rapid SCADA 5

The installation package contains all the primary Rapid SCADA applications, the set of basic drivers and the configuration database with ready examples. Before downloading you will be prompted to fill your profile. Download…

Language Pack

Rapid SCADA translations into various languages made by our users. For now includes Chinese, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian. Download

Image Pack

Contains images created by the community for use in SCADA projects. Download

Download Proprietary Software

Chart Pro Plugin

Chart Pro is the additional plugin for the Webstation application extends the capabilities of Rapid SCADA charts: adds scaling, displaying of multiple charts, export to PNG and PDF. Download…

Dashboard Plugin

This plugin displays useful widgets on dashboards: charts, current data and arbitrary frames, for example, CCTV camera stream. Download…

Elastic Report Plugin

This plugin allows to generate reports according to a custom configuration. Using this plugin, you can build almost any desired report. A user simply selects the period and clicks the generate report button. Download…

Automatic Control Module

This module allows to automatically send commands depending on certain conditions. Download…

Rapid Gate Module

This module is designed to synchronize data between several Rapid SCADA instances. The module allows to setup a backup server, as well as provides data transfer from SCADA installed on remote locations to the primary SCADA. Download…

Telegram Driver

This driver is designed to send notifications using the popular Telegram messenger. The advantages of using Telegram is quickness of receiving notifications, no fee for the service and easy notification group management. Download…

OPC Core Components

The core components contains elements that are critical for all OPC applications to work. Download x64 or x86
Search for the latest version of OPC Core Components in the OPC Foundation website.