Development and Integration

Development extends the functionality of Rapid SCADA to efficiently fit customer needs. Integration is essential to obtain interaction between Rapid SCADA and other applications in enterprise environment. Integration with third party systems also includes development of software modules or scripts that perform data exchange. General purpose modules made for a customer become a part of Rapid SCADA product.

Benefits of Development Service

  • Get the software exactly what you need.
  • Use the skills of Rapid SCADA developers.
  • A warranty applies for all the delivered code.

Pricing and Purchasing of Development Service

The price of a custom development can be widely varied depending on complexity of work.

To estimate the price and purchase the custom development:

  1. Fill and submit the request form.
  2. Confirm the cost, delivery date and scope of work estimated by Rapid SCADA.
  3. Make a payment according to the invoice.
  4. Keep in touch with us during the implementation process to specify the details.
  5. Test and accept the delivered software.