Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring based on Rapid SCADA is the core of reliable automated system that allows to provide the best service for your clients. We offer deployment of Rapid SCADA Cloud solution according to the needs of the customer’s business. Rapid SCADA works with the leading cloud hosting platforms such as Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Your controllers are installed anywhere, where the Internet is accessible, and communicate with the cloud server via either wired or wireless communications channels.

Diagram of Rapid SCADA Cloud

Cloud SCADA systems have mixed architecture. Equipment is located on client sites, SCADA servers may be deployed in a cloud only or inside the intranet and in the cloud simultaneously. Our team together with a customer choose the most convenient architecture of a particular system taking into account the business specifics. Then we deploy, configure and support Rapid SCADA in the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Solution

  • Save money on deployment and maintenance of network and server infrastructure.
  • Technical issues are solved by the developers of Rapid SCADA which understand all the nuances of its settings and the internal structure.
  • Rapid SCADA is updated in a timely manner.
  • Flexibility to increase server resources as needed, without having to buy extra resources for the future.
  • Low regular payments for the cloud service. Exclude high start-up costs for purchasing an own physical server.
  • Backup to a separate server that guarantees data recovery in emergency case.
  • Email and SMS notifications about technological events.

Areas of automation the most efficient for cloud solution:

  • Monitoring of geographically distributed objects, for example, diesel generator sets.
  • Climate control and equipment monitoring of greenhouses.
  • Energy consumption of housing and communal facilities.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring of warehouses.

Our Cloud Clients

Rapid SCADA cloud solution is most suitable for the following cases:

  • Your company provides or plans to provide cloud services to end users.
  • Your company is interested in reducing costs of maintaining SCADA.

Next Steps

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