Turn-Key Solution

Turn-key solution contains a ready to use configuration and custom documentation of Rapid SCADA. The solution may also include custom development, integration, remote installation and acceptance testing of the software. As a result you get the fully functional solution running on a server.

Benefits of Turn-Key Solution

  • Fully fit your business needs.
  • Use the experience of Rapid SCADA developers who better than anyone know how Rapid SCADA works.
  • Save your time and human resources.
  • Facilitate follow-up technical support.

Pricing and Purchasing of Turn-Key Solution

The price of a solution depends on different factors such as the automated system complexity, number of devices, functional requirements, etc.

To estimate the price and purchase the solution:

  1. Fill and submit the request form.
  2. Confirm the cost, delivery date and scope of work estimated by Rapid SCADA.
  3. Make a payment according to the invoice.
  4. Keep in touch with us during the implementation process to specify the details.
  5. Test and accept the delivered solution.